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SCI-FUN. the Scottish Science and Technology Roadshow

SCI-FUN. the Scottish Science and Technology Roadshow

Out of and in school events, student and teacher resources, CPD age range 11-14

The SCI-FUN Roadshow is an innovative mix of scientific presentations and hands-on exhibits aimed at the lower secondary phase (the S1-S2 cohort) that visits venues throughout Scotland (with over 550 school visits carried out to date).

The Roadshow aims to promote the importance of science to all, before the key choices of Standard Grades are made. A typical lesson - for up to 60 pupils and lasting approximately 100 minutes - consists of two science-based presentations; a short careers talk and time to explore up to 40 hands-on interactive exhibits covering all of the sciences and mathematics. One of the presentations usually has a link to current research, which supports the aims of the Tropical Science statements within the Curriculum for Excellence. It is hoped that pupils (and perhaps teachers as well) will learn something new in an exciting and interesting way.

To ensure the relevance and accuracy of the content, the SCI-FUN organisation now works closer than ever with researchers across the University of Edinburgh on projects relating to contemporary research.

The SCI-FUN Roadshow also takes part in science festivals and there is an additional project aimed at P7 pupils, SCI-FUN primer, which is based on the hands-on component of the main Roadshow scheme.


£500 per one-or-two day school visit. Please get in contact for charges relating to science festival events.

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